Staff: Roger Wakefield

Roger Wakefield

Having worked in the rural business industry for over 25 years, Roger’s greatest asset is experience.

Roger began his career as a service provider in the wool and pastoral industry of the NSW Riverina. Roger has subsequently worked in beef feedloting, irrigation, cropping and most recently the daiy industry of northern Victoria. Roger has been instrumental in the importation and development of innovative products and services to the livestock industry.

Having built a leading rural retail business and involvement in the formation of a national distribution network for farm inputs, Roger knows what it takes to be successful in agribusiness.


  • Address: 29-35 Cornelia Creek Road, Echuca VIC 3564
  • All correspondence to: PO Box 725, Echuca VIC 3564
  • Phone: 03 5480 7087
  • Fax: 03 5480 7027