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Agricultural equipment

Kober has an extensive range of supplies to support your farm business.

As an independent store, we pride ourselves on customer support and follow up service. Whilst we do carry a large range of stock we have the ability to source whatever it is you require.

Our fully trained and highly accredited staff are ready and happy to answer any questions.

For more information click on the following links Agronomy, Animal Health, Seed, Agricultural Chemical & Liquid & Granular Fertiliser and testing and peruse the below list for all other products stocked by Kober. Categories are: Animal Handling, Beef, Dairy, Fencing, Hay and Silage Consumables, Households, Oil, Plumbing, Safety, Sheds, Sheep, Spray Accessories, Stock & Pet Feeds, Tools & hardware & Vermin Control.

Animal Handling

  • Hay rings,
  • Paton Feeders &
  • Arrow Farm Equipment

Suppliers: Paton, Arrow.


  • Drenches and Backliners,
  • Cattle Crushes and yards,
  • HGPs,
  • Ear tags and applicators &
  • Vaccine


  • Brushware,
  • Rubber ware for the dairy made to order,
  • Tail Paints and heat detectors,
  • Milking Gloves,
  • Aprons & sleeves,
  • Wet weather gear,
  • Gumboots and Workboots,
  • Yard Hose,
  • Ear tags and applicators,
  • Maxum milk powder range,
  • Calf Feeders,
  • Calf scours advice,
  • preventions and cures,
  • Calving aids and accessories
  • Shoof Products,
  • Bainbridge Products &
  • Full animal health range of drenches and vaccines etc.

Suppliers: Daviesway, Bainbridge, Shoof, AllFlex, Leader, Maxum, Polymaster, Walk West, Pfizer, Merial, Bayer.


  • Gates,
  • Pine, steel and concrete posts,
  • Extensive range of Gallagher and Waratah Fencing accessories,
  • Electric Fencing and energisers,
  • Wire, Netting,
  • Hingejoint and Ringlock Pre-fabricated wire,
  • Dog Fencing,
  • Horse Fencing,
  • Lightning Droppers &
  • Wire Spinners.

Suppliers: Gallagher, Waratah/Onesteel, Southern wire, Easy Drive, Lightning, Cyclone.

Hay and Silage Consumables

  • Baling Twine,
  • Net Wrap,
  • Silage wrap,
  • Silage covers made to order &
  • Hay & Silage Inoculants.

Suppliers: Tapex, Integrated Packaging, Silagard, Profile.


  • Lawn Seed and fertilisers – we can customise to suit your requirements,
  • Fly, ant, and termite control,
  • Garden herbicides to control weeds,
  • Household garden sprayers and backpacks,
  • Shovels and Brooms &
  • A vast range of Pet and Produce though Tuckers Pet and Produce. See the range at

Suppliers: Talon, AIRR, Bayer, Hills, Solo, Tuckers Store, Advance, Blackhawk, Ridley Barastock, Mitavite, Bonnie, Hygain, Bayer.


  • We have stock a great range of products from Western Oil. Our Oil and Grease range is backed up with on farm deliveries and support.

Suppliers: Western Oil.


  • Poly Pipe,
  • Stock Troughs & accessories &
  • Extensive range of Philmac plumbing for Rural pipes.

Suppliers: Philmac, Vinidex, Polymaster.


  • Gloves,
  • Chemical protective equipment including face shields respirators,
  • Glasses,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Earmuffs,
  • Disposable overalls,
  • Hi Vis Vests &
  • Blundstone & Otway boots

Suppliers: Blundstone, Otway Boots, Maxisafe.


  • We are a supplier of Oldfield’s Sheds and Aviaries. There is a vast range in either colour or Zinc with many combinations to suit your needs.

Supplier: Oldfields.


  • Worm drench,
  • Backliners for lice and flies,
  • Blowfly treatments,
  • Shearing accesories,
  • Woolpacks and fasteners,
  • Wool presses,
  • Portable and permanent yards & Sheep handlers &
  • Vaccines including Gudair

  • Goldacres Spraying Equipment,
  • Silvan/Selecta Spraying Equipment,
  • TTI Spraying Equipment,
  • Solo,
  • Silvan Backpacks,
  • Nozzles, filters and accessories &
  • Boom cleaners.

Suppliers: Goldacres, Silvan, TTI, Solo.

Stock & Pet Feeds

  • Dog food,
  • Cat food,
  • Poultry & Bird Food,
  • Horse food,
  • Pig,
  • Calves &
  • Lambs

Suppliers: Barastoc, mitavite, Advance, Hygain, Southern Cross Feeds, Coprice, Maxum, Independents Own, Whiskas, Black Hawk, Pedigree, SuperCoat, Cobber.

Tools & Hardware

  • Kincrome tools,
  • Shovels,
  • Brooms,
  • Tie downs and ratchet straps,
  • Occy straps,
  • Jerry cans &
  • Tarps.

Suppliers: Kincrome, Lion.

Vermin Control

  • Fox Off 1080 bait
  • Pindone Oat Bait
  • Rat & Mice Bait
  • Grain storage pesticides

Suppliers: Animal Control Technologies.

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