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Anipro Liquid Supplements

Liquid feed supplements for beef, dairy and sheep designed to both complement and improve utilisation of available feed.


Kober can sell and supply all brands of Hormonal Growth Promotants (HGP’s) including Synovex and Compudose. We can offer advice on the ways to gain the most from HGP’s for cattle and all legal requirements.


Kober is an accredited distributor of non-perishable 1080 baits.

Gudair Vaccine

Kober has two fully accredited staff members, able to assist you with vaccine requirements for Johne’s Disease in sheep and goats.


This means that our staff are trained in assisting you with deciding which fencing products to use & how to use them. Our wire and fencing products are of the highest quality and are handled and stored in a safe and careful manner. STAR PARTNER also means competitive pricing on all Waratah products.


A superior soluble form of calcium, CalSap is the forerunner in our liquid fertiliser range. CalSap can be utilised to rectify soil structural problems as well as balancing nutrition of both plant and soil.

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