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Kober regularly conducts information/field days regarding new developments in pasture and cropping; and animal health and nutrition. Call Kober today on 03 54807087 or contact us and find out how our next 'field day' can benefit your enterprise.


KOBER Agronomic Team KOBER Consulting - InVigorate Ag KOBER’s agronomic consulting service ‘InVigorate Ag’ is the leading agronomy advisory service in your area that offers real solutions to achieve your maximum potential. KOBER is an in..
WINTERMAX Annual Ryegrass WINTERMAX annual ryegrass is a combination of the highest performing diploid ryegrass out of the American breeding program, along with an exceptional tetraploid ryegrass. WINTERMAX has been proven over the last 2 years in the Goulbur..
WeatherPro Prevent - the answer for Bloat Control! Cattle rely on microbial fermentation to convert grass into energy. Gases are produced as a by-product of this fermentation. The gas is normally burped out; a process called eructation. When the burping p..
Jono, Spencer and Chris in Fodder Beet, Girgarre Fodder Beet is here! > Quality, low cost feed > Fill the Autumn feed gap > High utilisation > ME - Avg. 12MJ/kg DM > NDF - Avg. 17% DM Fodder Beet is a high energy, highly..
UNBEETABLES FIELD DAY Fodder beet has been grown in New Zealand for many years and is starting to gain popularity in Australia as part of dairy cow winter feeding systems. Rendell Farms together with Kober will host the Unbeetable Field Day on Wednesd..
The new AniproGram has been released and contains some exciting new WeatherPro products. Click the link below. Well worth a read! AniproGram September 2015 (
Hummer MaxP at Torrumbarry, Northern Victoria Hummer MaxP stretches out the growth curve > Summer active soft leaf fescue > Fine soft leaf characteristics > Mid heading type Temperate fescues are summer active perennial grasses with ..
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