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What is Anipro?

When producing top quality beef, sheep and dairy products for domestic and export markets, you can’t just rely on good seasonal conditions.

You need to make the most of what you have-whether it’s fresh or mature forage, conserved fodder or crop.

Throughout Australia, paddock forage provides most of the feed available for livestock. For most of the year though, forage is high in fibre and low in protein, and unlikely to meet the animal’s total nutritional requirements-particularly during late gestation, lactation and periods of high stress and growth.

Anipro® is designed to provide protein (as non-protein nitrogen), minerals and vitamins to stock grazing pasture or crop in a safe and cost effective manner. Anipro is a molasses based, two part (sweet/sour) product that is blended in the field by accredited distributors to provide a very high degree of intake consistency formulated to provide a significant cost benefit to producers.

By balancing essential nutrients and optimizing rumen function, Anipro® Supplements help to maintain consistent growth paths, minimise weight loss and improve both meat and milk production, driving an animal’s production to its full potential.

Anipro for beef

The RumaPro® Advantage

What an animal eats is important, but what happens once inside is even more so. All Anipro® Supplements contain RumaPro® -a unique, non-protein nitrogen (NPN) ingredient specifically developed to provide a safe, sustained release ammonia source for ruminants. RumaPro® remains available to rumen micro-organisms for up to 12 hours following ingestion.This is up to three times longer than conventional urea.

Urea is used very inefficiently by the rumen. The transient effect of an intermittent intake of urea (twice or three times per day) is illustrated by a recovery of microbial crude protein of, at most, only 0.17 of its nitrogen (N). With a continuous intake the recovery of N was 0.79. In effect this means that the microbial crude protein obtained from most urea supplements is less than 20% of the potential protein.

Independent university research has shown that cattle fed Rumapro®, do not exhibit high rumen or blood urea concentrations. However, ruminants supplemented with urea, show high rumen and blood urea concentrations about 1.5-3 hours after a meal. High rumen and blood urea concentrations can stimulate many nutritional diseases, especially where the animal has liver damage. High blood urea can affect embryo development and implantation in the uterine wall, having negative consequences on reproductive rates.

Rumapro®, because of its sustained degradation rate in the rumen does not allow blood urea concentrations to negatively impact on reproduction. Instead, because of the increased flow of microbial crude protein from the rumen, Rumapro® supports embryo development and enhances reproductive performance.

Rumapro Graph for Beef

The Benefits of an Anipro® Program

Consumption Control

Anipro® Liquid Supplements feature a highly palatable two-part, ‘sweet’ and ‘sour’ formulation to provide animals with protein (NPN), essential minerals and vitamins, offering a supplement program with efficient consumption control. Anipro Service Providers work out intake targets based on available forage and status of the animals. They regulate consumption to make sure that animals get the supplemental nutrients they need.

Labour and Capital Savings

There is no need for you to invest in either capital or labour. Anipro® Liquid Program is fully serviced by trained distributors who deliver the product directly into the paddock, making sure animals have product available as required.

Troughs Supplied

Large troughs are supplied as part of an Anipro® Program. These are designed to provide livestock with sufficient feeding space to access the supplement at will. This prevents excessive feeding competition between animals.

Cost Effective Nutrition

To keep your costs down, appropriate average daily consumption targets are carefully calculated as part of our outstanding delivery service. A number of important variables are considered: age, size and condition of cattle; availability and quality of the forage; management practices employed; type of feeding program and stage within the production cycle.


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