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Summer 2017

WINTERMAX Annual Ryegrass

WINTERMAX annual ryegrass is a combination of the highest performing diploid ryegrass out of the American breeding program, along with an exceptional tetraploid ryegrass. WINTERMAX has been proven over the last 2 years in the Goulburn Valley to be a great success. The blend of Tetraploid/ Diploid allows for great palatability and livestock utilization. WINTERMAX presents extremely good value for money.

WINTERMAX has good crown rust resistance and is well adapted to our seasons. WINTERMAX germinates and establishes fast, while also exhibiting excellent forage yields in Northern Victoria.

WINTERMAX has superior crude protein levels, with high digestibility. Whether you are producing meat or milk, it will result in higher animal intake. WINTERMAX is an excellent choice for over sowing or as a stand-alone forage crop. WINTERMAX is a valuable asset to dairy farmers for grazing and silage production.

Limited stock available; don't miss out!

Kober Consulting - Invigorate Ag

Jono, Chris & Sam of KOBER Consulting

KOBER Consulting - Invigorate Ag

> Proactive agronomy
> Farm/Crop Planning
> Gross Margin Analysis
> Weed/Disease/Pest Scouting

KOBER has a market leading agronomic consulting service. The Invigorate Ag program draws on extensive experience in the rural business sector as well as employing leading agribusiness advisors and analysts.

Our Agronomists have worked across a range of industries and locations involved in primary production. We have provided consulting services to all levels of agriculture from dairy, irrigation operations, to large broad acre family farms, financial institutions and corporate agribusiness enterprises.

To learn more about this service contact Sam on 03 5480 7087 or 0427 344 446.

Selective in crop Barley Grass control

Barley Grass & Winter Grass Control Using KOBER’S HDL Blend

Over the last 3 years KOBER has developed a program and pasture blends to control Barley Grass whilst maintaining yield and quality.

Understanding the reasons why these weeds are thriving in your particular situation is just one of the key requirements for adequate long term control.

An integrated approach is required for full eradication; this includes choosing the correct species and varieties such as KOBER HDL Blends. Herbicide choice, rates and timing are also critical factors in successfully removing Barley Grass and Winter Grass from the pasture.

With the help of KOBER’S Agronomy team and a concerted effort we can confidently control Barley Grass and Winter Grass this season.

Don’t put up with it for another year.

Ash Weldon

Ash Weldon, Agronomist

Ash Weldon

Ash grew up on a dairy and cropping property north of Moama and has spent time working on cropping and dairy enterprises in Northern Victoria and the Riverina. Ash is currently studying Agricultural Science and Agribusiness Management at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. Ash joins our team as an Agronomist and has a keen interest and focus on Agribusiness.

Call Ash on 0427 935 367 for Agronomic advice.






Chicken Litter

KOBER can supply and spread Chicken Litter to your farm. Chicken Litter is an economical source of plant nutrients and a fantastic soil conditioner. If you would like to reduce your use of chemical fertilisers, Chicken Litter is for you.

Call us today to see where Chicken Litter can fit into your farming system.


Lucerene Testimonial

The What, Where, How & Why Of Lucerne

Lucerne is a premium irrigated fodder crop offering high quality feed, excellent water use efficiency compared to other crops and excellent value due to its growth & persistence. Before you race out and sow Lucerne, ask yourself these questions:

Is Lucerne the best option for ME?
Consult a nutritionist, ensure you have a market/use for the end product. Have a clear understanding of what Lucerne can do for your bottom line.

Where should I grow Lucerne?
Consider a free draining soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5. A soil test should be conducted to ensure adequate Phosphorus & Potash. Plan ahead to ensure there are no weed issues; ideally grow a break crop of cereal or grass in the paddock the previous year using good weed control practices.

How can I achieve a good seed bed?
A finely worked seed bed, ensuring lime, gypsum and any other soil ameliorants are incorporated as required. Crusting can be an issue for Lucerne sown in the warmer months, reduce that risk by applying gypsum just prior to sowing.

What variety should I sow?
Choose the right variety for your situation. Know what pests & disease are common in your area and choose the variety with the best resistance package to suit. All Lucerne varieties grow less over winter! Understand the growing attributes you are looking for in a Lucerne variety.

Call KOBER, the Lucerne specialists today!

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