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Autumn News 2016

Jono, Spencer and Chris in Fodder Beet, Girgarre

Fodder Beet is here!

> Quality, low cost feed
> Fill the Autumn feed gap
> High utilisation
> ME - Avg. 12MJ/kg DM
> NDF - Avg. 17% DM

Fodder Beet is a high energy, highly palatable member of the beet family that has already proven itself as a cost effective feed source for animals around the world. It is now here in Northern Victoria providing a valuable feed option in the autumn feed gap. Being grown under both flood and spray irrigation, its efficient water utilisation is being matched with equally impressive yields, helping drive the cost per dry matter tonne down.

The ability to strip graze in the paddock allows for higher utilisation, whether you have sheep, beef or dairy cows. Alternatively fodder beet can be harvested and stored in large rows, similar to silage, for use in feed pads throughout the year.

Kober’s Consulting Agronomists are fully trained to support and service their Fodder Beet package.

To discuss the Fodder Beet package, call Kober today.

Kober Consulting - Invigorate Ag

Jono, Sam & Chris of Kober Consulting

Kober Consulting - Invigorate Ag

> Farm/Crop Planning
> Gross Margin Analysis
> Weed/Disease/Pest Scouting
> Broadacre, Pasture & Specialty Crops

Kobers’ Consulting Service is continuing to grow. Kober Consulting draws on extensive experience in the rural business sector as well as employing leading agribusiness advisors and analysts. Kober Consulting has worked across a range of industries and locations involved in primary production. We provide consulting services to all levels of agriculture from small, intense irrigation operations to large, broadacre family farms, financial institutions and corporate agribusiness enterprises.

To learn more about this service contact Sam Toulmin on 03 5480 7087 or 0427 344 446.

Luke Barlow's Revenue wheat at Thyra

Revenue wheat

> Early planting option
> High yielding
> Feed grade

Pedigree - Madsen/Brennan

Revenue is a high yielding, feed quality wheat that is ideally suited to irrigation in Northern Victoria and the Riverina. It can be sown early due to its vernalisation requirement without increasing the risk of frost damage. Revenue has excellent seedling vigour and early dry matter production with an option to graze. It has excellent rust protection with a resistance (R) rating for Stem, Stripe and Leaf rusts.




Custom pasture seed blending

Dustin Turner, head of blending operations

Custom pasture seed blending

Kober has the ability to custom blend seed in-store to provide you with the highest quality mixes to maximise the profitability of your pastures. As we stock over 100 lines of seed, a custom blend can be created in store for you at short notice.

The uniformity and consistency of our blends means you will get an even pasture right across your paddock.

Our specialist pasture advisors will discuss with you your requirements in detail to customise a pasture blend that will suit your situation. This includes dietary/nutrition requirements, soil types, preparation, management, irrigation etc.




Water Use Efficiency*

When choosing a forage option many factors need to be considered such as the purpose of the forage, total Dry Matter (DM), Metabolisable Energy (ME), Crude Protein (CP), and Water Use Efficiency (WUE). Below is a summary of the total DM produced and the WUE for a range of commonly used forages.

Establishment tips for Grazing Cereals

> Keep seeding rate above 130kg/ha
> Pre irrigate and sow into moisture at 25-35mm depth
> Ensure adequate nutrition at sowing especially N, P and Zn
> Be wary of pre-emergent herbicides and grazing withholding periods

Long season winter cereals produce large amounts of quality feed in the autumn period with similar Metabolisable Energy (ME) and Protein to annual ryegrass. To capitalise on their benefit it is important to maximise establishment.



A premium, soluble liquid calcium source

Calsap continues to improve plant production and farm profit by providing a premium source of plant-available calcium. Soluble calcium is vital for plant root growth as well as a variety of important plant functions. Calsap applications have proven to create larger, healthier root systems that are essential to maximising plant growth. “By using Calsap the quality and quantity of Lucerne increases, along with the overall health of the plant”. Leigh Kimber, Lockington Lucerne producer

Roger and Howard Hipwell, Echuca in PEAK Lucerne

PEAK Lucerne

> Excellent value for money
> Dual purpose; grazing or hay
> Mid-dormancy

PEAK Lucerne represents great value. PEAK is a mid-dormancy Lucerne seed selected for our region. PEAK will outperform traditional dryland varieties, but also excels under irrigation. PEAK is a dual purpose Lucerne that can be grazed or cut for hay. Retaining leaf longer than traditional dryland varieties is just one of the many benefits of PEAK. Increased growth, higher quality, longer persisting and up to date disease and pest resistance. PEAK is just great value!

Roger and Dr Petersen, Wisconsin USA

Lucerne: In the USA

“HarvXtra” Lucerne

In July 2015 Roger Wakefield travelled to Wisconsin USA and spent some time looking at developments in Lucerne breeding & production at Forage Genetics. Roger is pictured below with Dr Mike Petersen inspecting a variety of “HarvXtra” Lucerne that holds quality longer due to lower lignin levels, allowing producers to grow high quality Lucerne that yields higher and can be cut less often. Roger also inspected a breeding program for “low bloat” grazing Lucerne… watch this space!



Autumn News 2016

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